Kimberly Watt Design | About
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Kimberly Watt is founder of W Design, a full service Interior Design firm, operating out of Montreal and Trois-Rivières. Passionate about design and the arts, Kimberly completed her Interior Design degree and went on to further her knowledge in Architectural studies at the Université de Montreal. By incorporating her strong knowledge of architecture into her work, Kimberly offers full exterior and interior home and commercial design services as well as structural design modification options that allow a wider scope of possibilities for her clients.


Throughout her career, Kimberly has created signature spaces, designed specifically to the needs of her clients. Through innovative and personalized concepts, her keen understanding of the fundamentals of top quality design, compliment her sharp instinct in matters of taste and style, ultimately providing unique and outstanding results for clients.


Kimberly has worked on a diversified portfolio of both residential and commercial spaces, including historic restorations, contemporary renovations, and new construction projects. Her team places tremendous importance in their ability to create projects of sustainable quality, specific to the needs and style of each client. It is a top priority that their clients’ greatest investment is also their greatest source of comfort, pride and self-expression.


W Design has built a reputation of achieving highly individual results for a discerning clientele.The firm’s work has been published in numerous magazines, showcasing the timeless, efficient, and beautiful spaces in which they are renown for.