Kimberly Watt Design | Check out our latest house transformation!
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Check out our latest house transformation!

Many improvements to a property often involve cutting into or tearing down a wall or two. These projects can make a huge difference by transforming claustrophobic spaces and opening up views in your home while adding tremendous amounts of value for the current market. 

Kitchen Before


Kitchen After


In this case, the main floor had a series of small rooms; a home office, dining room, kitchen and living room. All of them individual spaces sectioned off with walls. It was our vision to open up the space by combining all these rooms into one. The only issue was that the wall separating them was structural.

This kitchen and dining room was once three rooms ; dining room, kitchen and home office.
The wall that ran down the middle broke up the space, making it feel choppy and small. A new engineered wooden beam was installed above the ceiling line as the span (unsupported length) is quite long. The finished space would be one big, open room.



Living Room Before


Living Room After


Dining Room Before


dining room after

Dining Room After


The sense of spaciousness was enhanced by the use of glass, including tall windows, glass-front upper cabinets, and glass display shelves.

Surface updates can work with structural changes to make a kitchen feel more open. Though removing a wall opened this kitchen to the dining room, the light-color cabinetry, walls, backsplash tile, and flooring do much to enhance spacious feel.



kitchen before

Kitchen Before

kitchen after

Kitchen After



Nothing opens up a kitchen quite like a view of the outside world. Here, a lush backyard is visible through large sliding glass doors. It connects the kitchen to its natural setting, visually expanding the space.

Opening the kitchen to the family room creates an easy-to-navigate gathering space for everyday living and special occasions. This kitchen was once isolated from other rooms and lacked eating space. The addition of an island and a wide opening to the family room made it better suited to both entertaining and casual family meals.




Staircase Before

Staircase After