Kimberly Watt Design | Touch of Gold
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Touch of Gold

Our visit to the furniture show in Toronto inspired us to change things up in the office… Check out some of this year’s new trends !

Gold is a classic, and it has been the most exquisite and coveted precious metal since time immemorial. Already in the 1970s, golden accessories and decorations were a popular trend in interior design, and years of abstinence are now giving way to a golden renaissance in the interior. Prestigious designers, decorators and interior designers have reinterpreted this precious metal in a plethora of ways, bringing a glimmer and shine to their work.

The time when gold was equated with baroque opulence is now past. Today, gold signifies modern elegance and stylish design. Whether it is used as an eye-catcher or kept simple, golden furniture, furnishings and decorative elements add a touch of the extraordinary to ordinary surroundings. Gold is versatile and changeable, which allows it to be combined with numerous furnishings, materials and colours with ease. A popular and elegant classic is the combination of gold/white and gold/black. Here, less is always more. Whether it be used for decorations or items for everyday use, or for fixtures, wallpaper or fabrics, gold should always be employed deliberately to set the tone.

This is equally true of Gize, the gold-filtered mineral water from Canada. Its elegant glass bottle has won numerous design awards, and is able to transform any meal into a fine dining experience. This luxury drink, which is perfected using a unique gold-filtering process, is available in six exciting varieties from the Gize Online Store: